Players in-game now 6, most players in-game 27 (SERVER LIST)
Server time: 2018/11/18 15:28:17


RANKED SERVER system got today few new functions! What is new?

Keep in mind that system is still under development, it will change again to be better soon!

Server name: [] - RANKED SERVER / TDM [D] [R] [P] (server is PURE version, so you can not use any mods here)

More information about server you can find HERE.
Testing stats are visible HERE.

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FragMovie by BenY community is proud to announce own MULTIPLAYER fragmovie! Our community contributor BenY wanted to make some fragmovie after very long time, so he decided to record some clips and make this fragmovie. His vision was make movie which is in good timing according to shots and scenes, we hope you will enjoy it! Do not forget like, comment, share and subscribe!

MultiPlayer patch if you already have game: CLICK
Gameplay: BenY
Edit: BenY
Soundtrack: Disturbed - Facade, Anberlin - The Feel Good Drag

Thanks to all players from community who were included in this movie!

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As you've certainly noticed, some part of the community (the part that has done nothing but discording, harassing, slandering and lying about us for the last three months) broke off and launched its "own" master server (where it is about 12 servers from one IP and 0 players online), nothing against - it's their choice.

Unfortunately, they decided to "promote" their "master" by bothering our IRC, spamming our forums and community sites, spreading lies about ending and that this update is "necessary" to keep the game working (also they announce that im no longer supporting AvP2 and similar LIES, its NOT truth).

They do even want to spam in the AvP2 client in the IRC chat, where after every ban they change the IP to a public proxy, after blocking their link they started to spam by abbreviated links ( ....), they also tried to spam our Reddit, Facebook, discord ...

In short, x-M-x and his bunch of friends is once again trying to break this community into smaller pieces instead of keeping it in unity.


The official statement is:

We have nothing to do with these losers if you want to play with the cheaters (everyone knows who's NoName aka JP, who has in few minutes after joining 100+ frags, gives head shots across the map halfway through the jump to turn around a couple of times), you want to be offended and harassed at their Discord, always reading the same lies 3 or 4 from people, it is your choice - enjoy it there. We do not force anyone to play our version as second part community do.

We will not decrease to their level, we will not spam anywhere and what they do to us. We do not need it.

Our only goal is to keep this game alive, edgy and in a state that you are enjoying as old times.

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We are happy to announce You that our community developer Rommie created brand new AvP2 game installer! This installer includes patch with lastest Master Server patch! Just download one file (724mb size), 3 times hit NEXT button and you can start playing! No CD needed, working on ALL operating systems! We hope you will enjoy it! If you can, share these important news to the gaming world!


Direct installer download HERE (724mb)

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Community network client

Did you know that our community have own network application? This small useful program can help you to stay connected to our playerbase, allow you join servers directly from your desktop, show you players online, you can also send personal messages and disccus through chat which is connected to our Discord server by IRC bot. If you want give it a try, you can download our application HERE (no installation required).

AvP2 community network client

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RANKED servers comming soon!

Hello AvP2 players! 

We are happy that we can announce you, that we are developing RANKED server system. This system will gather player stats which will be visible in-game and also on website. Displayed stats will contain kills/deaths ratio, headshots, best killing spree session, % of hits (accuracy), time played total, round wins and much more! At this moment is RANKED server system in phase of testing now counting only player kills - when we will be sure about stability and functionallity, it will be released officitaly with additional stats. If you want be tester too and help us with development, join server in-game. Who will be best player? Who will be TOP in his class? 

Server name: - RANKED server [D] [R] [P] (server is PURE version, so you can not use any mods)

More information about server you can find HERE.
Testing stats are visible HERE.

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